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I’ll always remember the day that my brother, who runs up his own division in a significant software company, came to my home with a box full of laptop elements. In deed, this technology of computer systems gave birth to the mini computer systems, whose energy of operation was more than the sooner generation, greater reliability and pace, yet was far much less in measurement and in price. Tahun 1694, seorang matematikawan dan filsuf Jerman, Gottfred Wilhem von Leibniz (1646-1716) memperbaiki Pascaline dengan membuat mesin yang dapat mengalikan.

Berbagai macam karir baru bermunculan (programmer, analyst, dan ahli sistem komputer). Komputer ini biasanya memiliki beberapa prosesor sekaligus untuk menjalankan tugasnya. Software program is mainly is packages and different wanted data that offers your COMPUTER or Mac directions on what to do. Not like hardware, software is untouchable.

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